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One Mans Junk

26 Apr Waste Removal Services

Many informal settlements in South Africa have become a dumping ground for large industrial companies. There are multiple dumping sites found just a few feet outside areas such as Gugulethu, Michell’s Plain and Khayalisha. Though local residents welcome the opportunity to rummage through trash seeking whatever they can find, others have complaints about the awful smells that have replaced their air supply. It is unclear who is dumping these potentially hazardous piles of rubbish but the department of health has been called in to investigate. Christopher Plaatjies , a 48 year recycled art vendor claims that he has been earning a living off these dump sites for many years He is able to find an array of “treats” , mostly expired food products, steel, copper and defective goods. Community spokesman Elbert Mangute, a refugee from Zimbabwean stated that he has filed several complaints against the “culprits” but has yet to receive a reply; he too earns a living from the dump site. Albert creates craftwork from soft drink cans and wire; he claims that there have been no reports of anyone dying from the food they retrieve from the dumping sites. “It says best buy date not best die date” and laughs jokingly. Companies can reduce litters by implementing a waste management system; there are various companies that offer plastic storage containers, bin and shelving solutions. The dumping of waste in residential areas can affect many lives; good organisation of products using steel shelving systems reduces the frequency of waste removal.

Waste Removal Services