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Where can I find clip in hair extensions for black women ?

29 May

Clip in Hair can be used by most ethnics groups as long as you ensure the hair extension you choose matched your own hair texture. Thanks to clip in hair extensions, black women can now be more versatile with their looks and hairdos. We all loved the weave when it was introduced and I am sure we will enjoy have clip in hair extensions around.  Women of African descent can now experiment with long hair, short hair, Remy Indian hair and Brazilian hair since most quality hair extensions are made for 100% human hair. Change your hairstyle daily or simple swop colours, textures and lengths, there are simple no limits. The best thing about clip-in hair extensions are that they do not make use of adhesives that can possibly damage your hair. They are reasonably priced and are available online with options to deliver all around South Africa.

We have seen many African American celebrities sporting clip in hair and for a long time we suspected it to be their own, well today you can also have that short sexy Kelly Rowland hair or that Long Blonde Frizzy look like Beyoncé.  There are no specific as to who can use clip in hair, it is up to the individual to match up the various styles available correctly. There are 100’s of brands out there but we advised that you go for a trusted brand that offer the best quality at good prices. Clip in hair extensions are easy to install and remove, in the video below you will see exactly how easy it is to style you year in less than 2 minutes.



Why do men take so long to propose?

29 May

Many women are faced with this question when they have reached a point of extreme frustration in their lives. I would like to believe that every female once to be married one day or have someone to share the rest of the lives with, besides cats. If you have been dating your boyfriend for a very long time, you are probably at that stage of comfort which has you thinking, “why not?” Why not make this commitment a lifelong one, why not celebrate our unity by getting married. Why not make our relationship sacred in the eyes of God. Considering that you been dating for so long, it’s only logical that you would assume that your partner feels the same way but what if he is not on the same page?

Here are some of my thought on the subject, guys are often more reluctant to get hitched due to many reason but the most common one is fear of commitment. Yes, men might be committed in their relationship and love you with their all but they still appreciate the possibility of being able to abort if things go wrong. A guy should not feel as if he is being pressured into marriage, it makes him jumpy, doubtful and afraid. At the same time, I also believe that a woman should not feel as if she is waiting around for ever for that engagement ring to arise, especially if her internal clock is ticking. This is a frustrating point of a relationship and many will be tempted to thrown in the towel.

How long is too long?

The answer entirely depends on the individual, set time frames for yourself but also communicate them to your partner. An engagement should occur when you are both ready for a lifelong commitment; applying pressure on your partner to make decisions can only make it worse. Consider how important marriage is to you and way it against the possibilities of never getting married to your partner.

I believe that if a man unconditionally loves his partner and has secured all the aspects that ensure a stable marriage and lifestyle there is no reason why he should not pop the question. Men tend to wait for the “right time” which is financial security, the perfect diamond engagement rings, wedding budget or perfect timing. Romanic movies don’t help men at all as we believe this is how women want us to propose, the attempts we run through our heads always seem futile. If you both love each other and nothing else in the matters, find common ground and try to make each other happy without holding a grudge. Good Luck

One Mans Junk

26 Apr Waste Removal Services

Many informal settlements in South Africa have become a dumping ground for large industrial companies. There are multiple dumping sites found just a few feet outside areas such as Gugulethu, Michell’s Plain and Khayalisha. Though local residents welcome the opportunity to rummage through trash seeking whatever they can find, others have complaints about the awful smells that have replaced their air supply. It is unclear who is dumping these potentially hazardous piles of rubbish but the department of health has been called in to investigate. Christopher Plaatjies , a 48 year recycled art vendor claims that he has been earning a living off these dump sites for many years He is able to find an array of “treats” , mostly expired food products, steel, copper and defective goods. Community spokesman Elbert Mangute, a refugee from Zimbabwean stated that he has filed several complaints against the “culprits” but has yet to receive a reply; he too earns a living from the dump site. Albert creates craftwork from soft drink cans and wire; he claims that there have been no reports of anyone dying from the food they retrieve from the dumping sites. “It says best buy date not best die date” and laughs jokingly. Companies can reduce litters by implementing a waste management system; there are various companies that offer plastic storage containers, bin and shelving solutions. The dumping of waste in residential areas can affect many lives; good organisation of products using steel shelving systems reduces the frequency of waste removal.

Waste Removal Services


Hotels in Ireland and Meath For Weddings

26 Apr

Seeking the perfect place for a getaway? Ireland is steeped in antiquity with a rich history still present in this modernised island. Until the end of the last Ice Age this gem was covered in ice, once the sea levels receded Ireland resembled an oasis, displaying a bright lush green myriad of vegetation and forestry.  This heritage rich haven still remains one of the most well preserved sites of world history today, with an array of different museums, hotels and ancient sites to visit whilst on holiday in this beautiful country.

With Ireland’s low-lying mountains and interconnecting navigable river systems it epitomises serene tranquillity and fairytale-like romance. This is the ideal location for a couple seeking a romantic vacation away from the worlds technologies, take the time out and become skilled at how to sew sack cloth or bake traditional Irish bread, you can even learn how to milk a cow. The are several top spots in ireland where you can enjoy a luxury stay, hotel accommodation meath offers several. options. 

This opportunity to submerge yourself in the days of old will prove to character building and will definitely bring you closer to your partner as the Irish have always really big on love, lust romance and all the frills that come with being young and in love. It is also an idyllic backdrop to all those who seek to have a wedding set in a castle, Ireland has several castles, fortresses and forts to choose from.  If you looking to get married in ireland also check out, hotels in meath for wedding

Women loses eye after iLasik Eye Surgery

24 Apr iLasik Surgery

A 48-year-old woman in India has lost her left eye after undergoing ilasik eye surgery, which was performed by an illegal practitioner. After suffering from cataract for several years ,she allegedly approached the eye surgeon, she was referred to him by a friend who had undergone a different surgical procedure and was extremely impressed by the results. The surgeon charged the woman a total of U$500 up front to perform the eye surgery which was estimated to take less than an hour but eventually took 3 hours.

“Before the surgery, I was struggling to see through my left eye but a few days after the surgery I was not able to see through it at all”. She then returned to the surgeon who had operated on her but he refused to explain why she had gone blind in here left eye, only stating that these medical procedures are never guaranteed to work and that she knew about the risks involved.

She later reported him to the authorities who upon investigation discovered that the surgeon has no permit or qualifications to perform this type of eye surgery. Legal action has been taken against the surgeon and police have launched an investigation. The surgeon has been released on bail and his medical license has been will be under police license until the investigation is over.

In the mean time the woman was asked to go to for a medical examination and doctors discovered that her optical nerve had been severely severed; she is to under go a secondary operation to reconnect her optical nerve. Eye surgery is a very delicate surgery and things can go completely wrong if not done by a professional, surgeons advised that patients do some extensive background research before committing to surgery.
iLasik Surgery

CapeAdonna Music Video Release

5 Sep

CapeAdonna has been hard at work producing new mix tapes and videos, it’s been a while since we visited this blog.The Hip Hop Scholar as he is known, has been improving his flow coming back with something that will definitely get heads bumping.

The Woodstock bred rapper would like to show his appreciation for your support and has released this….interesting Video.

10th Annual Hip Hop Indaba

24 Sep

18 September 10
Good Hope Centre

African Hip Hop Indaba is the annual B-Boy & Nu Skool Cru Battles, Popping & Krump Solo Battles and Graffiti Battle hosted by Mak1.

Pcitures by Ference Isaacs

R50 pre sold | R60 at the door

t   082 395 8125

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