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CapeAdonna Music Video Release

5 Sep

CapeAdonna has been hard at work producing new mix tapes and videos, it’s been a while since we visited this blog.The Hip Hop Scholar as he is known, has been improving his flow coming back with something that will definitely get heads bumping.

The Woodstock bred rapper would like to show his appreciation for your support and has released this….interesting Video.



2 Jan

I lived there for 14 years only seeing my biological mother  on weekends.

Finally my mom took me away from these people and I lived with her , she fell short and got hooked on crack and everything fell apart.

I was never introduced to rap ,in fact I never liked rap in the retrospect; I was giggly  and some sort gay in a way.

 I guess I was just young  and school became a means to get love instead of learning, it  was  a place to forget my problems.

One day I was handed the Slim Shady LP and instantly became hooked to his music. He became my parent and mentor as there was no supervision nor boundaries at the time.

This meant  that I had to be responsible as well as hold my feelings and handle shit by myself as my mom was running wild .

 My hatred towards my situation had grown and I had become black inside ,  I was lost and broken.

 It didn’t take much for me to realize that I had issues, I started getting into rap from the age of 14.

I rapped and wrote  and kept cheesy journals where I layed a giggled at bland and vague punch lines. I also received the occasional ( keep your bek .. fucking rapping like a fucking idiot ) from the mother.

Cape’a’Donna Interview

10 Nov

I recently caught up with Cape’a’donna himself and asked him to share a little something about himself for all our blog readers. He has been working really hard in the studio for his next) mix tape (currently untitled)

Q: So who is CapeaDonna ?

A: CapeaDonna, I think is a troubled artist. I see myself as more of a story a rapper. Yes, a poet at large and definitely a perfectionist .


Q: What is your drive?

A: I am a pure artist who is not concerned about fame and money but just the respect. I adore the priceless feeling of reaching a person. . . .anybody who’s been in a dark place before.


Q: Who is your Idol?

A: Definitely Eminem. Marshall Mathers is the greatest story teller and writer of our time -, I really pay respect to him.

He grabbed my attention when I was growing up and is part of the inspiration behind what you hear today. I still stick to my own unique style & relevance but we possess the same love for words… Yea we make love to them.


Q: Describe your life?

A Cape”a”donna has had a really hard life – but it has made him strong – and fierce spiritually and will keep flameing from the mouth till they love it and hate it – at the end of the day – he does not give a poes