Why do men take so long to propose?

29 May

Many women are faced with this question when they have reached a point of extreme frustration in their lives. I would like to believe that every female once to be married one day or have someone to share the rest of the lives with, besides cats. If you have been dating your boyfriend for a very long time, you are probably at that stage of comfort which has you thinking, “why not?” Why not make this commitment a lifelong one, why not celebrate our unity by getting married. Why not make our relationship sacred in the eyes of God. Considering that you been dating for so long, it’s only logical that you would assume that your partner feels the same way but what if he is not on the same page?

Here are some of my thought on the subject, guys are often more reluctant to get hitched due to many reason but the most common one is fear of commitment. Yes, men might be committed in their relationship and love you with their all but they still appreciate the possibility of being able to abort if things go wrong. A guy should not feel as if he is being pressured into marriage, it makes him jumpy, doubtful and afraid. At the same time, I also believe that a woman should not feel as if she is waiting around for ever for that engagement ring to arise, especially if her internal clock is ticking. This is a frustrating point of a relationship and many will be tempted to thrown in the towel.

How long is too long?

The answer entirely depends on the individual, set time frames for yourself but also communicate them to your partner. An engagement should occur when you are both ready for a lifelong commitment; applying pressure on your partner to make decisions can only make it worse. Consider how important marriage is to you and way it against the possibilities of never getting married to your partner.

I believe that if a man unconditionally loves his partner and has secured all the aspects that ensure a stable marriage and lifestyle there is no reason why he should not pop the question. Men tend to wait for the “right time” which is financial security, the perfect diamond engagement rings, wedding budget or perfect timing. Romanic movies don’t help men at all as we believe this is how women want us to propose, the attempts we run through our heads always seem futile. If you both love each other and nothing else in the matters, find common ground and try to make each other happy without holding a grudge. Good Luck


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