Women loses eye after iLasik Eye Surgery

24 Apr

A 48-year-old woman in India has lost her left eye after undergoing ilasik eye surgery, which was performed by an illegal practitioner. After suffering from cataract for several years ,she allegedly approached the eye surgeon, she was referred to him by a friend who had undergone a different surgical procedure and was extremely impressed by the results. The surgeon charged the woman a total of U$500 up front to perform the eye surgery which was estimated to take less than an hour but eventually took 3 hours.

“Before the surgery, I was struggling to see through my left eye but a few days after the surgery I was not able to see through it at all”. She then returned to the surgeon who had operated on her but he refused to explain why she had gone blind in here left eye, only stating that these medical procedures are never guaranteed to work and that she knew about the risks involved.

She later reported him to the authorities who upon investigation discovered that the surgeon has no permit or qualifications to perform this type of eye surgery. Legal action has been taken against the surgeon and police have launched an investigation. The surgeon has been released on bail and his medical license has been will be under police license until the investigation is over.

In the mean time the woman was asked to go to for a medical examination and doctors discovered that her optical nerve had been severely severed; she is to under go a secondary operation to reconnect her optical nerve. Eye surgery is a very delicate surgery and things can go completely wrong if not done by a professional, surgeons advised that patients do some extensive background research before committing to surgery.
iLasik Surgery


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