Cape’a’Donna Interview

10 Nov

I recently caught up with Cape’a’donna himself and asked him to share a little something about himself for all our blog readers. He has been working really hard in the studio for his next) mix tape (currently untitled)

Q: So who is CapeaDonna ?

A: CapeaDonna, I think is a troubled artist. I see myself as more of a story a rapper. Yes, a poet at large and definitely a perfectionist .


Q: What is your drive?

A: I am a pure artist who is not concerned about fame and money but just the respect. I adore the priceless feeling of reaching a person. . . .anybody who’s been in a dark place before.


Q: Who is your Idol?

A: Definitely Eminem. Marshall Mathers is the greatest story teller and writer of our time -, I really pay respect to him.

He grabbed my attention when I was growing up and is part of the inspiration behind what you hear today. I still stick to my own unique style & relevance but we possess the same love for words… Yea we make love to them.


Q: Describe your life?

A Cape”a”donna has had a really hard life – but it has made him strong – and fierce spiritually and will keep flameing from the mouth till they love it and hate it – at the end of the day – he does not give a poes


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