Chris Brown from Douche to Deuces

9 Oct

Thank you Chris Brizzy, finally a song that the fellaz can relax to. I personally have had it with all these female artist whining about men and how they don’t need us.

There hasn’t been any songs release by male artist that we could use as our very own anthem. Ironically we have taken an ugly beating from Rihanna and sausage campaign, while I admit that Chris Brown has made his mistakes and was terribly castrated by the media he sure shows some growth in the track.

While Rihanna has diverted her attention to gallivanting with  French female lovers on her very own hit “Te Amo” which sounds very similar to Chris Browns “Deuces”.

Personally I am very excited as there hasn’t been anything I could put on my break up CD’s since Sporty Thievz  ” No Pigeons” the critically acclaimed hit that blew up in the faces of trio TLC , scrub that off  hahaha!

Chris Brown promises fans Deuces will have much more remixes, it already features the likes of Tyga,Drake, Rick Ross, T.I, Andrew 3000,Kanye West, Fabolous

Brizzy announced that the remix to his chart-topping hit “Deuces,” now off his upcoming album “F.A.M.E.,” an accompanying video for the remix will be shot as well and that he is considering including the “Deuces” remix on the album as a bonus track.

 Brown also gave fans a listen to his much-buzzed about song “Calypso,” which may also appear on the forthcoming album. “I feel like it’s a great album. It’s going to show a lot more growth and a lot more fun in music,” he said of the set. “It isn’t going to be as depressing, so to speak.”

MMMH?? Interesting  I hope Capeadonna is going to do his own remix to this track CPT style

Yep!! I even have the free download link for the “Deuce” remix , check out the Video.

Download Drake, Kanye, Rick Ross, Fabo,T.I. Andre 3000 Remix


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