11 Sep

Artist Summary

Genres: Hip Hop / other

Artist Bio

Mingus a.k.a. X the 24th Letter, is a Jozi (Johannesburg) born Capetonian. His early childhood is based in a small township in Cape Town called Guguletu.

Mingus was always into music. His uncle was a huge Jazz fanatic and his family played a major role in the local church choir. He found Hip Hop at an early age and immediately fell in love with the music. Back then he was just in it as a fan. He would meet up with friends and exchange tapes as if it was a drug deal, since at the time he wasn’t allowed to play music with a high explicit lyrical content like Hip Hop had and still has. That however didn’t stop him from collecting classics from Eric B & Rakim; KRS One; Kool G Rap and DJ Polo; Tha Alkaholiks; Diamond D; LL Cool J; Run DMC; Redman; Wu Tang Clan and the list goes on.

As he was reaching his late teens, he developed a need to express himself more and Hip Hop provided that outlet for him. Out of the many elements Hip Hop provided, MCying (rapping) was the one he used to express his views and frustrations (on society and generally life). He fell deeper into the art of writing rhymes and inevitably took up MCying as his hobby, professionally.

At present, Mingus is a well respected figure in South African Hip Hop. He is the founding member of the Writers Block crew and the Metaphysical Misfits. He hosted an exalted underground Hip Hop show on U.C.T. Radio called The Live Wirez, as well as The Live Wirez concerts where a lot of today’s Cape Town crews were noticed (some discovered). He has been touring Africa and Europe since 2006 and is highly respected in both continents.

Mingus is currently working on the Album “Beneath The Underdog”. On the project Mingus has gathered all his friends from Germany, Sweden, the U.S. and South America. The album is a highly jazz influenced album. It is approached this way because for Mingus, this is the pinnacle of his musical journey.

More About Mingus

My name is Mingus a.k.a. X the 24th letter. I’m from Cape Town, South Africa. I am the founding member of the Writers Block, a Cape Town based Hip Hop crew consisting of 3 other Mcs, 3 producers and 1 DJ. I’m currently working on my solo album,” Epitaph”. On this project I’ve gathered some of the most talent MCs, producers and DJs from across the globe. The style of my music is pretty much based on the golden era of Hip Hop and it is highly influenced by Jazz, Funk and Soul music. As far as experience goes, I’ve done colaboration albums in Sweden, Mexico, The U.S. and Germany. I’ve also done shows in Germany with King Coco Nuts of the Writers Block and I’ve opened up for Wordsworth (U.S.A.) and Jonzi D (London) at the Tri Continental Festival in Cape Town. I’ve also toured with Qwazaar of Typical Cats (Chicago) in Berlin, Germany and we got to lay down a track together. The most recent event I’ve down is in Sweden, where I got to perform at the Peace and Love Festival with Stonecake. It was reported that there were over 25000 people who attended that event.

“Epitaph” is based on my life and my experiences and is packed with dope beats and rhymes. It is a journey through the mind of an unsigned Cape Town based MC, who’s mission is to tell his side of the story about where he comes from and how music helps him cope with lifes constant tests.

Please feel free to hit me up on my email, xthe24th@gmail.com

Courtesy of http://www.Reverbnation.com


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