Who is “Capadonna” the Big Hype!!!

27 Aug

It’s just after 6pm, only three hours into my shift , mindlessly staring at the “New Post’ button, it comes to mind that I am extremely over worked.Having nearly steered away from the purpose of this blog I find myself  re-connected once again with this troubled but talented artist , the artsit that I have dedicated this this blog too.

Neil Smith, known as “CapEadonna to his peers and inner cycle has tapped into my fascinationalong with many others , my thoughts start to wonder while I read into each and every line spits. I am mesmerized by his ability to lyrically express his emotions  in an extremely human way, a way that can only be compared to that of a man that has re-discovered himself.

How else could one put it, I asked. I feel as if he is my alter-ego saying things that I would never dare to say.One can almost excuse the profanity in his music as it demonstrates the vigorous battle he undertakes when fighting his demons through his music.

The music is enchanting and spurs a decision that leads me to calling him directly to arrange an interview.I am greeted by an exhausted but engaging sounding voice,his telephone etiquette is a far cry from what he usually  sounds like in his music.

As I expected he was a bit surprised to hear my voice on the other line, particularly to discuss music. We have been childhood friends but have new interacted on a professional or musical level.

 After a few “security checks” the shock turned in a conversation about the direction of his career and music;not surprising he tells me that he will recording a full mi tape over the weekend.

We are looking forward to hearing them and they will soon  be available for free download on this blog, we set to have an interview in 10 days time TBC.

Quick Listen!!!



One Response to “Who is “Capadonna” the Big Hype!!!”

  1. Jerry August 27, 2010 at 7:30 pm #

    I got this bra’s “Mugged in Memory Lane” mixtape and it’s phenomenal. And he doesn’t stop, he just makes new sh1t all the time.

    CAPEADONNA – HIP HOP SCHOLAR! Keep an eye out for this one…

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